Our Story

Organic Ways Farm is a family-owned and operated farm founded by a father and son team with the belief that we are what we eat, so what goes into our bodies should be of the highest quality. Our goal is to raise wholesome chickens in a way that promotes the wellbeing of the animals, the environment, and ourselves.

Our chickens are organic, pasture-raised heritage breeds. They start off life on the farm eating a specially selected, nutrient-rich blend of organic grains. Once they are old enough to live outside safely, they move to the pasture, where they roam and forage freely, and return to outdoor coops to rest in preparation for another day on the land.


If you are a restaurant owner looking for locally grown organic chicken for your patrons, we’d love to supply you. Give us a call or email us with your requirements.

Zabihah Halal

Our birds are hand-slaughtered in accordance with zabihah halal guidelines.